Easy Ways to Make Your Kitchen Seem Bigger

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to plan a big family meal in a tiny kitchen.

If your home’s layout is short on space, there are a couple design tricks that can give your kitchen some elbow room. You can increase your space without compromising on style.

To give homeowners some hope for their micro-kitchen, we put together a list of design tips that will help you plan out a design that maximizes your space and give your decor a refreshing lift.

Consider Shallow Cabinets

Instead of choosing a stock-sized cabinet from a local hardware store, customizing your cabinets to shallow measurements that better suit the space is the way to go. Shallow or slimmer cabinets can open floor space and can actually improve the organization of your day to day items.

Skip the Double Sink

Do you really have a need for a double sink or is that just a graveyard for dishes you don’t want to do. Choosing a single basin sink can help you resist the urge to fill the sink with last night’s dishes and free up over a foot or more of counter space for what really matters.

Choose Compact

Opting for smaller appliances is one of the biggest underutilized tricks. Just because you’re scaling down doesn’t mean you’ll be cooking on miniatures. Appliance companies have smaller models specifically to accommodate the needs of a smaller kitchen. Even choosing a compact dishwasher saves a ton of cabinet space.

Install Cabinet Lighting

What’s worse than a tiny kitchen? A dark one. Adding some touches of ambient light beneath your cabinets can help you shed some light on the subject. These lights are easy to install and have long lifespans.

Take back your kitchen space.

Whether you’re ditching the hardware on your cabinets or brightening things up a little bit with some cabinet lighting, giving yourself more kitchen space is easier than you might think.

Common Obstacles for Homeowners

Many of our clients are renovating a kitchen for the first time.  As we get acquainted, we like to focus on discussing the renovation process and make sure they are prepared for the road ahead.  Typical questions revolve around processes, schedules and budgets.  

Recently, I was with a client who asked a question I have never received before:  “What should we avoid doing?”

It was a terrific question, one I didn’t have an answer for.  And as I spent time thinking, I realized there are three common design obstacles homeowners create for themselves are focusing on:

  • Individual components
  • Existing patterns
  • Desired storage features

Individual Components

Good design totals more than the sum of the parts.  However, many will focus on each piece separately. They will select Counter A from this supplier and Backsplash B from another and hoping they will add up to a beautiful design.  The end result is a mismatch that doesn’t tell a cohesive “design story.”  

Solution- Focus on the “feel” of a space, and let your design team source the individual elements to tell that story.  

Existing Patterns

Just like designing around individual components, laying out a kitchen is not as simple as finding a home for each item.  We want to create a space that functions in many different settings and for a few specific workflow patterns.  

Many homeowners can be resistant to change, especially if they have spent a few years in the home and have developed patterns for cooking and entertaining.

Solution- Keep an open mind to ideas presented by your design team, and give them time to sink in. For example, consider the big picture of the space. and the total gains by making a recommended change. 

Desired Storage Features

Maybe it’s a cool gadget you saw in a showroom, or a nifty storage feature from your neighbors home- and you have to have it!  These features are good solutions designed for a specific problem; fortunately, it is a problem you don’t have.  

Forcing these magic corners and slim pantry pullouts can wreak havoc on a design. They cut down the function of your storage, as well as the flow of your space.

Solution- Let these features come organically.  Create the best design with the most efficient storage, and use the complicated mechanisms as solutions when necessary.  

Top 5 Websites for Design Inspiration

A kitchen remodel is one of the smartest updates you can make to your home.

Not only does a remodel or redesign make the most of your kitchen’s functionality, a kitchen upgrade also pays for itself by adding to your home’s resale value. 

Before you make a single change, you’ll need a strong idea of what you want to accomplish out of your remodel. With so many different style and function options to choose from, the possibilities are endless.

Design doesn’t have to be complicated!

We put together a list of our favorite resources to get you started.

Elle Decor

Elle has always known a thing or two about style. The Elle Decor website is a one-stop-shop for designs that suit every budget. Whether you’re looking for some elegant celebrity glam or some family friendly design ideas, you’ll find it all right here.

House Beautiful

Design doesn’t always play by the rules and House Beautiful is a great place to get inspired! They always showcase design inspiration and projects that help readers plan their dream kitchens from the bottom-up. Their articles are also great ways to brush up on your design lingo to help you partner up with the design team that’ll help make all the kitchen magic happen.


On CocoCozy, you’ll be able to cut right to the section that you’re looking for. There’s tons of inspiration with lots of pictures to help you compare styles to customize your big project. This blog also has some helpful tips from pro-designers to help you every step along the way.


While we all dream of that immaculate all white kitchen, practicality is what’s really at the forefront of every design. Dwell gives you awesome design inspiration that’s not only gorgeous but also livable. You can scroll for hours through jaw dropping kitchens that can actually keep up with your busy lifestyle.


HGTV is the design mecca for new and experienced designers for a reason. They appeal to the designer in all of us and are always bringing something great to the table. Their kitchen designs range from sophisticated and sleek to comfortable and cozy without skipping a beat. There’s no shame in seeking inspiration from this design superstore and you might just be surprised what you’ll find.

Wherever you turn for design inspiration, don’t be afraid to think outside the box!

The world of design and remodel is open to interpretation and the sky is truly the limit.

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