Top Five Kitchen Features You Never Knew You Needed

A great kitchen design is more than just an aesthetic perk up, it’s a revamp in the functionality of your space.

As you begin the planning phase of your kitchen remodel, it’s always a good idea to push the possibilities and customize your layout. We’re kitchen pros and when it comes to storage, workspace, and convenience, we can assure you that the sky is the limit.

Whether you’re looking to hide away those clunky appliances or just streamline your daily kitchen experience, we’ve got the kitchen hacks you didn’t realize you needed in your life.

We’ve put together a list of some ingenious kitchen hacks to incorporate in your brand new kitchen design.

Appliance Cabinet

Counter-top kitchen appliances might be heaven sent, but they gobble up precious counter space. By incorporating an appliance-friendly cabinet with custom dimensions, these bulky appliances have a place where they can be stored neatly and accessed effortlessly.

Dry Goods Drawer

As homey and traditional as it is to keep your flour, sugar and other dry essentials in canisters on your countertop, the dry goods drawer is changing the game. Here, your design features a deep drawer with inserts that house canisters for flour, rice, oats and everything in between. This keeps them out of harm’s way, out of sight and conveniently off the counter.

Coffee Cabinet

Your design should help you make the most of your kitchen and this coffee cabinet idea is the ultimate caffeination station. One of the biggest issues that coffee lovers have is finding a space to organize mugs, coffee tools and of course the star of the show, the coffee pot. A sliding platform allows the area to be more accessible and the addition of a pot filler faucet makes filling the coffee pot a breeze.

Cutting Board Organization

There’s no such thing as having too many cutting boards or cookie sheets, but there is such a thing as having no place to store them. Incorporating a cabinet divider that keeps cutting boards and sheet pans upright on their sides is a great space saver and keeps pans safe from becoming warped or even damaged.

Knife Block Drawer

Knives help us make the magic happen in the kitchen, but a knife block is anything but convenient when it needs to have a home on your counter. Having a drawer/knife block keeps your most important utensils safe, accessible and out of the way. If you have kids around, this drawer can even feature a lock that keeps them securely hidden.

The best part about kitchen design is the ability to dream big and think outside the box (and the big box stores).

These clever kitchen hacks are just a fraction of what a custom designed kitchen can bring to the table and when there are no limits, your creativity is free to flourish. Your kitchen should be the ultimate merge of style and functionality and the East Hill Cabinetry team brings that philosophy to life with every design.

Top Five Kitchen Design Tips

When redesigning a kitchen, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with options.

You know you want storage and functionality, but what are some of the little things that will make your kitchen really shine?

We put together a list of our favorite top five tips for designing a brand new kitchen. With these simple steps and suggestions, your way to the kitchen of your dreams in no time.


Kitchen design is unique when it comes to light source. When mapping out your lighting, it’s important to consider where you’ll be preparing your meals and where you might need the most light. Do you work from your kitchen? Is this where the kids gather to do homework? Your designer can help you map out some great lighting options to help you shine some light on what counts!


While storage will make it to the top-three priorities for any kitchen remodel, smart storage is a whole other story. Consider what clutter you struggle with the most and identify “wasted space” you have now. With a little creativity and imagination, your design team can transform those wasted spaces into useful hiding spots for all your kitchen essentials.

Open Space

There’s no such thing as an ideal kitchen space. If you’re struggling to outfit a galley, u-shaped or even narrow kitchen space, your design team can help you consider what other design options are available that will maximize your square footage. 

Necessary Power Sources

You want those brand new appliances in your design. However, if you’re adding more appliances than you currently have, you’ll have to consider outlets, gas lines, and plumbing hookups to accommodate the new appliances.

Counter Tops

There’s no such thing as too much counter space! This space can be useful as a place to prep food, eat quick meals, store dry goods and even add some decor. When choosing your counter top materials it’s important to consider durability and maintenance.

A good design needs to start somewhere.

Think outside the box and although anything is possible, there are a few places to start when it comes time to dreaming up your design. Create the perfect combination of form, function, and durability and your new design will be able to grow effortlessly with your family.

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